$54 Million Requested for Suez Failed Desalination Project

On February 26, Suez filed with the state Public Service Commission to collect $54 million spent in pursuit of their failed desalination project.
  OurTown 9_16_15 We expect to actively participate in this case in order to advocate fair and affordable water rates for Rockland residents.
In an article in the Journal News Rockland County Executive Ed Day said “the proposal would unfairly burden ratepayers.  ‘What’s most troubling is that nearly half of the proposed increase will go toward recouping monies expended by Suez during its push for a Hudson River desalination plant in north Rockland. By allowing the desal process to go forward, the PSC is complicit in driving our water rates even higher. Rubber stamping the request under the auspices of ‘there’s nothing we can do,’ or ‘it’s the cost of doing business’ is not satisfactory.’
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  A Sustainable Water Policy
We will also be working to ensure that all of the policy pieces proposed by the company lay the groundwork for success for the County’s work to establish a strong, sensible water policy that is right for our county.
We seek to ensure the success of the work of the Rockland County Water Task Force to establish far less expensive, less risky, and less harmful water supply options for the county than desalination.
This new case filed by Suez includes water conservation policy and incentives, conservation water rates, repair of leaks, small water supply sources such as wells, a general rate increase, and a rate surcharge to collect $54 million spent on the company’s failed desalination project.
We will be posting more information about public hearings and action you can take.
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