Your Last Chance Before PSC Decision: Call or Write Gov. Cuomo Now!

This could be our last chance to speak out before a Public Service Commission decision on Suez plans for your water for the next 5 years. Your participation was critical in stopping the desalination project. Now is the critical next step, to ensure that Rockland gets the plans that put us on the right path for the future.

Now is the time to tell the PSC and the governor:
  • NO to corporate bailout of $54.1 million for Suez’s failed desalination project!
  • YES to strong water conservation plans!

Call Governor Cuomo TODAY at
or write your brief comment at:

Please be sure to include “PSC Case 16-W-0130” in the subject line.

In September, Suez and the Public Service Commission (PSC) staff agreed on a Joint Proposal to settle issues in Suez’s plans for Rockland County’s drinking water and water rates.

This joint proposal is opposed by Rockland County; the Rockland County Water Management Task Force; all five Towns in the County; several villages; the County’s Solid Waste Management Authority; Rockland County ratepayers; Scenic Hudson, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club, and the many other groups and individuals that participated in the rate proceeding. At a September public hearing, hundreds of Rockland residents already spoke out against its terms.

Now, the PSC is asking residents: “Is it in the public interest for the PSC to adopt the terms of the Joint Proposal?” The answer is NO!

Let the PSC hear from Rockland! Comments are due by December 9.

Every voice counts!

Write today to tell the PSC:
  • Reject the current Joint Proposal agreed to by Suez and the PSC Staff. Rockland ratepayers deserve a strong, effective water conservation plan and affordable water rates.
  • Reject Suez plans for Rockland to bailout Suez for $54 million (over $80 million with interest) for Suez’s failed desalination plant. Shareholders, not ratepayers, should pay the costs of corporate mismanagement. If approved, residents would pay tens of millions without any benefit to Rockland.
  • Reject Suez’s conservation plan and require a stronger plan. The current proposal will do little more than the required minimum, leaving potential water savings on the table. In fact, many are questioning whether Suez’s conservation plan is “designed to fail.” The PSC and Suez need to take this critical opportunity to provide a robust, cutting edge plan to address water needs through the smartest, most sustainable and cost-effective methods.
  • Require improvements to the conservation and repair plans. Opponents of the JP have submitted an alternative plan demonstrating that the amount of water conservation and leak reduction can be cost-effectively doubled, setting concrete targets, and meaningful incentives. The PSC must reject the JP’s terms and modify it to adopt this stronger plan. Without this, Rockland County’s ratepayers could be right back where they started, facing the high costs of a major long-term water supply facility.
  • Reject the proposed half-baked new rate design as too flawed to move ahead. Require Suez to do a review of alternative rate structures, with analysis of potential impacts for affordability and conservation. The conservation impacts of the current proposal are entirely unclear.
  • Require frequent reporting by the company and third party oversight to ensure accountability and transparency.
  • THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR ROCKLAND COUNTY TO BE A MODEL OF SUSTAINABLE WATER SUPPLY. Rockland County can serve as a statewide model for such cutting-edge water conservation and loss reduction. The PSC must act now to achieve maximum efficiency in the Suez water supply system, both as an example of sustainability for all New York water utilities, and to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable water supply for Rockland County’s residents.
Tell the PSC that it must reject the Joint Proposal and adopt a robust and effective water conservation program for the Suez Water system to ensure safe, reliable service at just and reasonable rates!

It’s time for the governor and the Public Service Commission to make sure Rockland gets the cutting edge water conservation program we deserve! Smart water management is the right thing for the environment and public health and it will save ratepayers millions of dollars.