United Water and Proposed Water Desalination Plant

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Subject: United Water and Proposed Water Desalination Plant

March 29, 2012
42 Wilderness Drive
Stony Point, New York 10980

New York State Department of State
Division of Coastal Resources
One Commerce Plaza,
99 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12231

Dear Sir /Madame:

The purpose of this letter is to express my opposition to the  United Water proposed water desalination facility along the Hudson River.

I have lived in the North Rockland community  for the past fifty one years. I lived in the Village of Haverstraw for 23 of those years, went to High School there and have witnessed  the ebb and flow of the economic tide in this community.

It has taken Haverstraw Village a long time to turn the economic corner from Brick making Capitol of the world  with an industrialized water front to where we are today. Along the way I have seen the village loose much of its business base and never its hope for a better tomorrow.

That tomorrow is upon us. New businesses are being drawn to our village as well luxury condominiums. Down town re development is underway, parks have been built and refurbished and the water front is  losing its  littered industry of the past.

To support the proposed water desalination plant and its associated costs is like following the call of “Onward to Yesterday”.

Nyack was revitalized, then Piermont followed. New business thrives where old industry rusted away.

Haverstraw Village has taken longer than Nyack and Piermont to make its way back to becoming a jewel along the beautiful Hudson River. Restaurants are opening, people are being employed, and new faces are seen walking our streets. I believe that this will come to a screeching halt if the proposed plant is allowed to operate along the Hudson River.


  1. What happened to the money that United Water has collected every month since sometime in the 70’s to defray the cost of building a reservoir at Ambry Pond?
  2. How will the PCB’s be removed from the water?
  3. We have been advised by the health department not to eat fish from the Hudson River. How than can we drink the water?
  4. We know from history that the fish and wildlife will be in danger from this facility. ( fish kills at Indian Point ), ( small fish already being caught in the United water filters that they are trying to remedy).
  5. The site sits atop a toxic waste dump that was capped years ago by the DEC.
  6. When United Water began tapping Water from The Letchworth Village reservoir and I complained to them about the smell and taste of the water. I was told that smell and taste were not their concern. If I had a problem with smell and taste I should purchase an water conditioning system or bottled water. Now I pay twice for water.
  7. We can’t swim in the Hudson and United Water wants us to believe that we can drink its water.

Please do not allow United Water Company to build its proposed plant on the Hudson River.

Very truly yours,

John J. Lima
Haverstraw, NY

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